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5 Screen-Free Activities To Do At Home

Curb your technology addiction and allow yourself to find some connection.

It’s easy to get an almost accurate log of your screen time, especially on your cellphone.  From endless zoom meetings (both personal and professional) and scrolling on social media — your screen time quickly adds up.  Keep in mind; this does not include the actual work you have to do on your computer, watching tv, or reading ebooks.

If you would like to include rituals and activities that are productive and perfect for those slower days spent indoors, here are some screen-free activities to do at home that can curb your technology addiction and allow you to find some connections.


The combination of working from home and the inability to see friends and family in person has increased the volume of my digital correspondence.  Inboxes, DMs, and even texts have started to feel out of control, and have become completely untenable.

While I have no plans to exit group chats or ignore messages, I do plan to curb incoherent texts (which inevitably lead to a bunch more) and using digital communications as my only option.  I will be making an effort to write letters and stay on top of birthdays, anniversaries, and other commemorations on a monthly basis and opt to send physical cards.


I promise you, it’s true what they say — you CAN hear the difference.  Besides, there is something soothing about removing a record out of its sleeve, placing it on your player, and listening to an album in its entirety.


I find rereading some of my favorite classic novels soothing.  After reading a ton of buzzy new releases or when I feel a reading slump coming on, picking up a classic is almost an instant remedy and often just what I need.  I find so much comfort in revisiting familiar pages and returning to places I love.  Plus, with every reread, I always discover something new!  So a booklist I often revisit is 15 Comforting Classics to Read When You Need a Pick Me Up.


If you’re not very good at quieting your mind, doing jigsaw puzzles will help with that.  I find it to be an incredibly healing activity, a surefire way to relax my mind, and it provides a meditative escape without actually “meditating.”  It’s also a great activity that allows me to engage my mind, especially when going through a reading slump.

While some people may prefer going at their puzzles solo, it is also a great option as a social activity.


If you spend time aimlessly scrolling for recipes online, I want to introduce you to the joy that only a physical cookbook can give you.  The experience of holding and reading a physical cookbook is one the internet cannot replace.  It has often proved to be the inspiration needed to put my phone down and start cooking!


What do you think about these screen-free activities?

Do you have a favorite screen-free activity?  Are you planning to try something new? Please share with us in the comments!

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  1. Caryl Fletcher says:

    My favorite screen-free activity is diamond painting, which I just started doing in July 2020. It is relaxing and I always listen to an audiobook while I am doing it.

    • Victoria Wood says:

      Painting is an excellent screen-free activity, and pairing it with an audiobook is a bonus. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Suzi Bales says:

    Thank you for bringing these to my attention. Sincerely. Suzi Bales

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