10 Books We Want to Read in July

We love helping readers find the best books each week in our e-newsletter, via our quarterly reading guides, and through our many book lists.  Despite all our best intentions, we can’t read all the books – even though we wish we could!  Plus, sometimes we miss out on early copies, and we have to wait until books are available in bookstores.  So this book list is filled with those books we can’t wait to get our hands on this month.

The summer days of July should be spent with a book, and we readers have much to look forward to.  So check out this list of new books that we can’t wait to read in July!

The Collection Plate : Poems Kendra Allen

The Collection Plate by Kendra Allen

Looping exultantly through the overlapping experiences of girlhood, Blackness, sex, and personhood in America, award-winning essayist and poet Kendra Allen braids together personal narrative and cultural commentary, wrestling with the beauty and brutality to be found between mothers and daughters, young women and the world, Black bodies and white space, virginity and intrusion, prison and freedom, birth and death.

Vessel : A Memoir Chongda Cai

Vessel by Chongda Cai

An unprecedented and heartfelt memoir that illuminates the lives of rural Chinese workers, offering a portrait of generational strife, family, love, and loss that crosses cultures and time.

Island Queen : A Novel Vanessa Riley

Island Queen by Vanessa Riley

A remarkable, sweeping historical novel based on the incredible true-life story of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas, a free woman of color who rose from slavery to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful landowners in the colonial West Indies.

The Woman from Uruguay  Pedro Mairal, Jennifer Croft (Translated by)

The Woman from Uruguay by Pedro Mairal, Translated by Jennifer Croft

From acclaimed Argentine author Pedro Mairal and Man Booker International-winning translator Jennifer Croft, the unforgettable story of two would-be lovers over the course of a single day.

Silver Tears : A novel Camilla Läckberg, Ian Giles (Translated by)

Silver Tears by Camilla Läckberg, Translated by Ian Giles

Faye Adelheim is living a delicious lie. She is wealthy beyond imagination, she is the Chairman of her self-made global cosmetics brand, and her ex-husband, the monster who killed her beloved daughter Julienne, is living out the remainder of his days behind bars. But unbeknownst to journalists, police officers, and investors, and even the lovers she occasionally invites to her bed, Faye has a secret: her daughter is, in fact, alive and well and so is her mother, the woman Faye’s father was sentenced for allegedly killing years ago.

Bolla : A Novel Pajtim Statovci, David Hackston (Translated by)

Bolla by Pajtim Statovci, Translated by David Hackston

April 1995. Arsim is a twenty-two-year-old, recently married student at the University of Pristina, in Kosovo, keeping his head down to gain a university degree in a time and place deeply hostile to Albanians. In a caf he meets a young man named Milos, a Serb. Before the day is out, everything has changed for both of them, and within a week two milestones erupt in Arsim’s married life: his wife announces her first pregnancy and he begins a life in secret.

Embassy Wife : A Novel Katie Crouch

Embassy Wife by Katie Crouch

Meet Persephone Wilder, a displaced genius posing as the wife of an American diplomat in Namibia. Persephone takes her job as a representative of her country seriously, coming up with an intricate set of rules to survive the problems she encounters: how to dress in hundred-degree weather without showing too much skin, how not to look drunk at embassy functions, and how to eat roasted oryx with grace. She also suspects her husband is not actually the ambassador’s legal counsel, but a secret agent in the CIA. The consummate embassy wife, she takes the newest trailing spouse, Amanda Evans, under her wing.

China Room : A Novel Sunjeev Sahota

China Room by Sunjeev Sahota

A transfixing novel about two unforgettable characters seeking to free themselves–one from the expectations of women in early 20th century Punjab, and the other from the weight of life in the contemporary Indian diaspora.

While We Were Dating  Jasmine Guillory

While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory

Ben Stephens has never bothered with serious relationships. He has plenty of casual dates to keep him busy, family drama he’s trying to ignore and his advertising job to focus on. When Ben lands a huge ad campaign featuring movie star, Anna Gardiner, however, it’s hard to keep it purely professional. Anna is not just gorgeous and sexy, she’s also down to earth and considerate, and he can’t help flirting a little…

Intimacies : A Novel Katie Kitamura

Intimacies by Katie Kitamura

A novel from the author of A Separation, an electrifying story about a woman caught between many truths.  An interpreter has come to The Hague to escape New York and work at the International Court. A woman of many languages and identities, she is looking for a place to finally call home.

What do you think about the books on this list?

Are any of these books on your TBR?  What books are you looking forward to reading in July?  What books would you add to the list?

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    I’ve added five new books to my TBR. Wonderful list!


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