9 Books We Want to Read in April

We love helping readers find the best books each week in our e-newsletter, via our quarterly reading guides, and through our many book lists.  Despite all our best intentions, we can’t read all the books – even though we wish we could!  Plus, sometimes we miss out on early copies, and we have to wait until books are available in bookstores.  So this book list is filled with those books we can’t wait to get our hands on this month. April is kick-starting the Spring reading season and there are some excellent books to look forward to.  So check out this list of new books that we can’t wait to read this month!

First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami, Philip Gabriel

First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami, translated by Philip Gabriel

The eight stories in this new book are all told in the first person by a classic Murakami narrator. From memories of youth, meditations on music, and an ardent love of baseball, to dreamlike scenarios and invented jazz albums, together these stories challenge the boundaries between our minds and the exterior world.

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

Based on actual events, as a team of male scholars compiles the first Oxford English Dictionary, one of their daughters decides to collect the “objectionable” words they omit.

The Rejection That Changed My Life : 25+ Powerful Women on Being Let Down, Turning It Around, and Burning It Up at Work Jessica Bacal

The Rejection That Changed My Life by Jessica Bacal

Featuring fascinating interviews with more than twenty-five women, including Keri Smith, Angela Duckworth, and Roz Chast, The Rejection That Changed My Life provides an exciting new way to think about career challenges, changes, and triumphs.

Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi

Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi

A vivid and inventive new novel about a couple forever changed by an unusual train voyage.

Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian

Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian

A brilliant Indian-American magical realist coming of age story, spanning two continents, two coasts, and four epochs, Gold Diggers expertly balances social satire and magical realism in a classic striver story that skewers the model minority narrative, asking what a community must do to achieve the American dream.

The Souvenir Museum : Stories Elizabeth McCracken

The Souvenir Museum by Elizabeth McCracken

In these stories, the mysterious bonds of family are tested, transformed, fractured, and fortified. A recent widower and his adult son ferry to a craggy Scottish island in search of puffins. An actress who plays a children’s game-show villainess ushers in the New Year with her deadbeat half brother. A mother, pining for her children, feasts on loaves of challah to fill the void. A new couple navigates a tightrope walk toward love. And on a trip to a Texas water park with their son, two fathers each confront a personal fear.

Aquarium by Yaara Shehori, translated by Todd Hasak-Lowy

Aquarium by Yaara Shehori, translated by Todd Hasak-Lowy

Sisters Lili and Dori Ackerman are deaf. Their parents–beautiful, despondent Anna; fearsome and admired Alex–are deaf, too. Alex, a scrap metal collector and sometime prophet, opposes any attempt to integrate with the hearing; to escape their destructive influence, the girls are educated at home. Deafness is no disability, their father says, but an alternative way of life, preferable by far to that of the strident, hypocritical hearing.

Antiquities by Cynthia Ozick

Antiquities by Cynthia Ozick

A tale that captures the shifting meanings of the past, and how our experience colors those meanings.

Paris Without Her by Gregory Curtis

Paris Without Her by Gregory Curtis

A memoir of losing a beloved spouse, the longtime editor of Texas Monthly, newly widowed, returns alone to a city whose enchantment he’s only ever shared with his wife, in search of solace, memories, and the courage to find a way forward.

What do you think about the books on this list?

Are any of these books on your TBR?  What books are you looking forward to reading in April?  What books would you add to the list?

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