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How to Overcome Reading Slumps and Reignite Your Love for Books

Learn how to break out of it and reignite your passion for reading.

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How to Overcome Reading Slumps and Reignite Your Love for Books on The Reader's Couch podcast

Today, Victoria talks about overcoming reading slumps and shares practical tips to help you take action today.

Reading slumps are common for many readers, and it happens to even the most thoughtful, dedicated, and diligent readers.  I feel like we’ve all been there at some point; I know I have, and because this is a book podcast that introduces you to authors and their books, I feel like this is a long-overdue conversation.


  • What is a reading slump?
  • How long does a reading slump last?
  • How to know if you’re in a reading slump.
  • Common causes of reading slumps: lifestyle causes and book-related causes.
  • How to overcome your reading slump if you want to be reading.
  • Book-related activities to do when you’re in a reading slump.
How to Overcome Reading Slumps

Overcoming Reading Slumps and Reignite Your Love for Books

We have all experienced the dreaded reading slump at some point in our reading lives.  The inability to concentrate on a book, lack of motivation to read, and disinterest in books that we usually love can make it feel impossible to get back into the groove of reading.  In this episode, I will share tips and activities for overcoming reading slumps and reigniting your love for books.

Common Causes of Reading Slumps

Reading slumps can be triggered by life changes, lack of motivation, uninteresting reading material, and reading too much of the same genre.  Understanding the cause of your reading slump can help you find the best way to overcome it.

Tips for Overcoming Reading Slumps

  1. Take a break from reading: Sometimes, taking a break from reading altogether can help you regain your interest in books.  Engage in other activities and give yourself time to miss reading.
  2. Start with a shorter book: A quick and easy read can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and get you back on track.
  3. Experiment with new genres: Trying out new genres can help break the monotony of reading too much of the same type of book.
  4. Change your reading format: If you’re struggling with reading physical books, try listening to audiobooks or reading on an e-reader.
  5. Set a cozy reading atmosphere: Creating a comfortable and inviting reading environment can help you focus on reading and make it more enjoyable.
  6. Be mindful of cellphone use: Limiting your time on social media and other distractions on your phone can help you concentrate on reading.

Bookish Activities to Reignite Your Passion for Reading

  1. Listen to bookish podcasts and author interviews: Hearing authors talk about their books and the writing process can inspire you to read their works.
  2. Attend author events and visit bookstores or libraries: Surrounding yourself with other book lovers and being in a bookish environment can reignite your passion for reading.
  3. Organize your bookshelves: Cleaning up and organizing your book collection can remind you of the books you’ve meant to read.
  4. Journal about your reading experiences: Writing your thoughts on books and your reading journey can help you process your reading slump.
  5. Create art inspired by books: Drawing, painting, or creating other forms of art based on your favorite books can help you stay connected to the stories you love.
  6. Go on literary tours: Visiting places related to authors, their works, or literary history can provide inspiration and motivation to read.
  7. Puzzling: doing bookish puzzles or puzzles with themes that you’re interested in is a great low-key way to engage your brain.
  8. Watch movie or TV adaptations of books: Seeing a book come to life on screen may inspire you to pick up the book and compare it to the adaptation.


Reading slumps can be frustrating, but they are a normal part of every reader’s journey.  By implementing the tips and activities discussed in this episode, you can overcome your reading slump and reignite your love for books.  Remember, it’s essential not to pressure yourself and to give yourself the time and space needed to get back into the reading groove.


How to Overcome Reading Slumps and Reignite Your Love for Books on The Reader's Couch podcast

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