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How to Start Reading Books You Love

It can be tough to break away from reading what everyone else is reading, but it’s definitely worth it.

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How to Stop Being a Prisoner to What's Hot and Start Reading What You Love

It’s hard to resist the allure of reading the latest bestseller.  After all, everyone is talking about it, and you don’t want to feel left out.  But what if you’re not in the mood for a thriller or romance novel?  What if you want to read something completely different?  It can be tough to break away from reading what everyone else is reading, but it’s worth it.  In this article, we will discuss five practical tips that will help you focus on reading books you love and books you want to read, regardless of what’s popular at the moment!


How to Start Reading What You Love

Tip # One: Make a list of the books YOU want to read

One simple way to break away from reading what everyone else is reading is to crack open your reading journal and make a list of the books you want to read.  This can be anything from classics you’ve always wanted to get around to, new releases, or backlist books from your favorite authors.  Once you have this list, commit to reading at least one book from it every month.  This will help ensure that you’re reading for pleasure and not just following the latest trends.

Pro Tip: In addition to listing the names of books you want to read, also include a little note about why you want to read that book.


Tip # Two: Pay attention to your reading habits

To ensure you’re reading books you love, you will need to start paying attention to your reading habits.  For example, what genres do you usually gravitate towards?  What topics are you most interested in?  Knowing what kinds of books you tend to enjoy will make it easier to seek out similar titles that fit your interests.


Tip # Three: Diversify your recommendation sources

Another way to make sure you’re reading what you love is to diversify your sources of reading recommendations.  Instead of relying solely on celebrity book club recommendations, bestseller lists, or online communities like #bookstagram, try branching out and engaging in other spaces.  Visiting your local bookstore and library is a great place to start!  Chat with the staff and see what they’re reading and recommending at the moment and tell them what you’re hoping to read more of.  You may be surprised by what you discover!

Start Reading What You Love

Tip # Four: Set aside books that aren’t working for you

If you started reading a super hyped book but are not enjoying it, don’t be afraid to put it down.  Life is too short to force yourself to finish something that isn’t giving you pleasure.  So if you find yourself struggling to get through a book, chances are it’s not the right one for you.  Move on and find something that better suits your tastes!


Tip # Five: Seek out and support small independent presses

Finally, a great way to stop reading only hyped books is to seek out and support small independent presses.  When you buy and read books from small presses or from authors who aren’t part of the mainstream, you’re helping to create a reading landscape that is more reflective of the world we live in.  And when you diversify your reading, you’re bound to discover new and exciting titles and a future favorite!



So, the next time you’re feeling pressure to read the latest bestseller or super-hyped book, remember that you can always choose to read something else.  By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your reading list is full of books you’re excited to read.  And isn’t that what reading should be all about?  So go out there, start reading what YOU love, and find the books that truly speak to you!

Do you have any tips for focusing on reading books you love?

Do you have any suggestions for breaking away from reading what everyone else is reading?  What are some of your favorite books?  Let us talk about it in the comments below.  Happy reading!


Reading Tips - How to Start Reading Books You Love

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  1. Brianna says:

    Thank you for this article. These are some great tips for those items I get too drawn in by the hype and end up neglecting my planned TBR.

    • BiblioLifestyle says:

      Getting drawn into hyped-up books is common, but hopefully, these tips will bring you back to the books you want to read!

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