Q:  What is a book tour, and how does it work?
A:  A book tour is a promotional method for authors to get publicity.  Book influencers who have agreed to participate will receive a complimentary copy of the book, and they will post about it on their assigned or selected date during the tour week.  Book tour posts can vary from features to reviews and even interviews.  

Q:  If I sign up to be a book tour host, how will I be notified of opportunities? 
A:  All tour opportunities are sent via email.  After you have signed up, please add our email address to your contacts, so our emails don't go straight to spam.  

Q:  Your application form asks questions about gender and race.  Why do you need this information?  
A:  When we started doing tours in 2019, our primary goal and priority were to ensure that books by and about marginalized folks get into the hands of own voice reviewers.  And this does not mean that other readers won't get access to the same book and vice versa.  We first prioritize and then open tour opportunities.  So by answering these questions upfront, we can be more efficient in prioritizing and sending tour opportunities out. 
The information you provide in this form is for our internal use only to help us send out tour opportunities.  This is NOT shared with anyone, not even publishers and authors.  The only information shared with publishers is the information you provide in each tour sign-up form (name, mailing information, tour posting date, wanting to host giveaways, et cetera).  Authors, publicists, agents, and other representatives access the tour schedule.  

Q:  You sent me an email about a book going on tour.  Am I automatically now a part of the tour?
A:  No.  First, you will need to sign up for the tour via the email you received, and if selected, we will follow up with an email with the tour details.

Q:  Can I choose the books I feature on my account?
A:  Yes, absolutely!  If we send you an offer for a book you're not interested in; you can ignore that email.  You are not required to sign up.  

Q:  Can I select the date I want to make my post?
A:  Yes.  We will always provide a date window for the tour, and you can select your preferred posting date.  

Q:  I've signed up to do book tours with you.  When will I start receiving opportunities?
A:  Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive tour emails in about one to two weeks.

Q:  I still have questions; how can I get in touch?
A:  Please send a DM with your question to @bibliolifestyle.  



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We onboard new influencers every three to four months.  To be considered for book tours, please complete our book tour interest form HERE so you will be the first to be notified.  Priority and early onboarding will be given to influencers posting on TikTok.


We are prioritizing creators who are posting on two or more platforms.  

FOR INSTAGRAM: An active, public Instagram page with book content and a minimum of 1,000 followers. You should be based in or have a United States mailing address. 

FOR TIKTOK: An active, public TikTok page with book content. You should be based in or have a United States mailing address.

FOR TWITTER: An active, public Twitter page with book content. You should be based in or have a United States mailing address.

FOR YOUTUBE: An active, public YouTube page with book content. You should be based in or have a United States mailing address.


Thanks for your interest in becoming one of our book tour hosts!

Being a book tour host can be rewarding and super fun! As a host, you agree to receive a free book, and in return, you agree to post the book on the specified social media page on your tour date. This post is usually accompanied by any thoughts you may have, a review if you've already read the book, the book's summary, or why you're excited to read the book. We ask you kindly to share your post on your assigned tour stop date. We are super flexible, and we can work with your posting schedule as well.

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