“I read to fuel my imagination and my belief in humanity.”

Kerry Millar

Welcome to our series “The Readers’ Diary”, we’re asking readers why they read and what does reading mean to them.

As readers increasingly share what they’re currently reading and plan to read on social media, we wanted to share more about the people behind each post.

Being a reader is so much a part of my identity that this question feels very difficult to answer. I’ve been a reader since before I could read. My parents have always liked to tell the story of how the sound of my toddler voice would often wake them very early in the morning, and when they went to my room to get me up, there I’d be, tucked happily under my blankets, a book open in my lap, babbling to myself with a stack of other favourites piled up on the bed beside me, “reading” stories. So I suppose you could say I that I read because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t feel like me.  Not a whole lot has changed in the last forty years. I’m a bookworm, always have been, always will be. But beyond this, I read to fuel my imagination and my belief in humanity. I read to escape and to grow. I read to know myself better and to connect with others too. Life would be grey without books in it. I love the idea that there are so many stories out there waiting to become part of my own.


– Kerry Millar

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