“To me, reading means bonding. Bonding with the characters, with people around me, and even bonding with myself"

Samantha Pittman

Welcome to our series “The Readers’ Diary”, we’re asking readers why they read and what does reading mean to them.

As readers increasingly share what they’re currently reading and plan to read on social media, we wanted to share more about the people behind each post.

I loved picture books when I was young. I used to pull them off my shelves at night and curl up in my bed reading them. I would have so many in my bed at a time that when they fell off onto the floor my parents would run up the stairs thinking I had fallen out of my bed. In elementary school I loved spending time in our school’s library. I even went to the library after school, before my bus left to help our librarian put books away. But soon after I fell out of love with reading. I was more occupied other things like tv shows, soccer, and torturing my brother.  The older I got the less I would read. If I did read a book, it was only every now and then and something super mainstream like Nicholas Sparks or Sarah Dessen. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out.

It’s funny how little you pay attention to your parents and grandparents growing up. My mom and grandmother have always read books. They always have a book on their bedside table and if we are on vacation they have multiple books as back up. But it’s not something I paid much attention to until my early 20’s. I started reading books they would send my way and I found myself not being able to put them down. I found myself constantly saying “just one more chapter.”

So you asked, why do I read? Well, I read because it’s in my blood. And while it may have taken me a while to figure that out, I’m so glad I did because it’s something that brings me closer to my mom and grandmother. Something that strengthens our bond.

To me, reading means bonding. Bonding with the characters and getting to know them and their feelings. Bonding with the people around me by talking about the book, discussing the book, or just sitting in the same room reading together. And even bonding with myself. Reading is such a large part of my self-care. It allows me to decompress from my day, escape my anxiety, and even learn more about my own emotions.

I’m so thankful for my mom and grandmother as they have shown me their love for reading and how I’ve had the same love in me all along.


– Samantha Pittman

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