“If you read you'll never run out of stuff to talk about."


Welcome to our series “The Readers’ Diary”, we’re asking readers why they read and what does reading mean to them.

As readers increasingly share what they’re currently reading and plan to read on social media, we wanted to share more about the people behind each post.

Reading means a whole lot to me! There is so much you can get out of reading a book. They’re like compact little friends – they are always there for you when you need them, ready to transport you to a world far away. They also offer you the unique opportunity to have a look inside minds and worlds, both fictional and real. That’s something both incredibly powerful and magical. If you read you’ll never run out of stuff to talk about, so it helps a lot when meeting new people – or when you’re talking to old friends of course! Besides all of that, reading plain and simple is just so much fun!


– Seji

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