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What is Sleep Hygiene and How To Include Reading in Your Routine

Get tips to develop better sleep hygiene and learn why reading should be a part of your routine.

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The Readers Couch podcast - What is Sleep Hygiene and How To Include Reading in Your Routine

Today, Victoria talks about sleep hygiene and the importance of including reading in your routine.  You will also get practical sleep hygiene tips so you can take action today.  So if getting a good night’s sleep sometimes feels elusive, or there are days when it feels like it’s never enough.  I think you will find this episode helpful.


  • Defining sleep hygiene.
  • Signs of poor sleep hygiene.
  • Ways to develop better sleep hygiene.
  • Things you can do to help you sleep better.
  • Why you should include reading in your routine.
  • Benefits of reading before bed.
  • Beginner’s sleep hygiene routine.

Sleep Hygiene and Including Reading in Your Routine

What is sleep hygiene?

The National Sleep Foundation defines sleep hygiene as “a variety of different practices and habits that are necessary to have good nighttime sleep quality and full daytime alertness.”

What are the signs of poor sleep hygiene?

Poor sleep hygiene can reveal itself in many forms.  Those who suffer from poor sleep hygiene may have a hard time falling asleep as well as staying asleep through the night.  They may find it difficult to focus during the day due to sleepiness and fatigue.  Other signs of poor sleep hygiene include difficulty concentrating, irritability, and feeling moody or depressed.  Additionally, those with poor sleep hygiene may find themselves craving sugary foods or caffeinated drinks during the day in an effort to stay awake and alert.

Sleep hygiene tips: Ways to help develop a better routine

Some ways to help improve sleep hygiene include limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption, sticking to a particular sleep and wake schedule, creating a “sleep oasis,” or restful sleeping area that’s dark and quiet, avoiding napping during the day, exercising regularly throughout the day, and disconnecting from tablets and phones in order to avoid blue light exposure.  These strategies can help provide the much-needed foundations for improved sleep hygiene.

Benefits of Reading as Part of Your Sleep Hygiene

One of the best ways to improve your sleeping patterns is to read before going to bed.  Reading relaxes your mind and helps transition you from the busy world into a peaceful slumber.  Not only does it assist with nightly rest, but its benefits include improved concentration, heightened empathy, and a reduced stress level.  So if you’ve been looking for something helpful in promoting better sleep, why not try curling up with a novel before lights out?



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Get sleep hygiene tips and why you should include reading in your routine here.

The Readers Couch podcast - What is Sleep Hygiene and How To Include Reading in Your Routine

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