BiblioLifestyle is an online community created to inspire your desire to read more books and provide you with the resources and support you need without all the pressures and overwhelm.  So whether you're a self-proclaimed "non-reader" or a reader looking to live a more intentional and fulfilled reading life, you're in the right place!



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I'm Victoria, your new book bestie.

I live, eat, and breathe a literary lifestyle. I'm also a radiology professional, community builder, event organizer, podcaster, newsletter curator, self-care advocate, volunteer, and pizza-loving, cocktail-drinking individualist whose life revolves around my family.  

See that? I have A LOT going on, and I'm guessing you do too! So I want to help you bridge that gap between living a full and busy life to one where you're also carving out some YOU time, reading, learning new things, and having fun!


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The blog is where I share reading tips, lifestyle how-to's, book lists, reading guides, share conversations with authors, offer free mini-trainings, plus all the things I'm currently obsessed with and find inspiring.

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Technically, it's also a party!  So show up in your comfy pants with your favorite beverage, and our list of recommended items.  Let's get intentional about our goals and dreams for 2023 together!

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