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A Virtual Book Lover’s Dream: The 2023 Spring-Summer Epigraph Literary Festival

Join us as we discover new authors, hear from favorites, learn something new, and have a grand time.

The 2023 Spring-Summer Epigraph Literary Festival

The 2023 Spring Summer Epigraph Literary Festival

Victoria is answering popular questions, sharing the calendar of events, and talking about our new option to watch festival replays and snag some festival merch!

So, if you’re looking to discover new authors or hear about the latest books from your favorites, learn something new at one of our lifestyle sessions, or you want to have a grand time bantering about the books you loved and the ones you didn’t care for too much, then stay tuned to this episode and register to attend the Epigraph Literary Festival.


  • What is the Epigraph Literary Festival?
  • Is the Epigraph Literary Festival virtual, in person, or both?
  • Where is the Epigraph Literary Festival hosted, and what is required to attend?
  • What days and time does the festival start and end?
  • Epigraph Literary Festival attendance and replays.
  • The April 2023 Epigraph Literary Festival session schedule.
Epigraph Literary Festival, 2023 Spring Summer Authors

The 2023 Spring Summer Epigraph Literary Festival

Are you an avid reader who loves discovering new authors and books?  If so, then mark your calendars for the 2023 Spring Summer Epigraph Literary Festival, a free, biannual, virtual three-day event that offers a book lover’s paradise!  In this episode on the podcast, we’ll give you all the details on this exciting event, including the author lineup, session calendar, and how to register.

What is the Epigraph Literary Festival?

The Epigraph Literary Festival is a free, biannual, virtual three-day event that introduces readers to authors with new and upcoming books, as well as hosts reading and lifestyle-themed sessions. The festival is hosted on the Crowdcast platform, and all you need to register is an email address.

Festival Attendance and Replays

Attendance at the Epigraph Literary Festival is completely free, but registration on Crowdcast is required.

If you can’t attend the live sessions or want to rewatch them at your leisure, replays are available for a flat fee.  Currently, we are offering two packages available: one is just for the April 2023 festival’s replays ($25), and we have a premium festival bundle ($40) that includes the April 2023 replays plus content from our previous two festivals, behind-the-scenes content, and a merch pack.

Festival Calendar Highlights

The 2023 Spring Summer Epigraph Literary Festival is packed with exciting sessions, including author sharing their books, lifestyle sessions, and happy hours. In addition, there are sessions focused on various genres, such as mysteries, suspense, thrillers, non-fiction, memoirs, romance, historical fiction and literary fiction.  Plus, there’s a creative journaling session, a book club brunch party, a session on moving from chaos to calm, plus happy hours to close out the end of each day of the festival.

Register Now for an Amazing Bookish Experience!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to discover new authors, hear about the latest books, and have a great time discussing books with fellow book lovers.  Register now for the Epigraph Literary Festival and join us for an unforgettable bookish experience!



The 2023 Spring-Summer Epigraph Literary Festival

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