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Top 10 Books of 2022

If you’re looking to add more books to your TBR, stay tuned.

Top 10 Books - The Reader's Couch podcast

In this podcast episode, Victoria shares her personal top 10 books of 2022.  So if you’re looking to add more books to your TBR, stay tuned. 

Unlike the top ten fiction and nonfiction list, these books are all personal favorites.  Some of these books aren’t perfect; they may not even stand the test of time, but what they did for me was provide a reading experience that was either super relatable, enjoyable, memorable, or just really entertaining.  These books were chosen purely based on my emotion and feeling.  Yes, you might see some overlaps with the books from BiblioLifestyle’s top ten, but that can only be expected.  After all, I write and curate everything you see in the newsletter and find on the website. 

So my top ten is all fiction because, at my core, I’m a lover of all things fiction.  And while we are counting from 1 to 10, these books are not ranked; instead, I’m sharing them in order of publication date.




Top 10 Books - The Reader's Couch podcast

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