Morning Pages

A Daily Ritual To Help You Get Out of Your Rut

We all go through periods where we feel like we might be stuck in a rut. To feel like you’re just going through the motions, barely treading water, or simply jogging in place.  Sometimes reading inspiring books to refresh your perspective or doing screen-free activities is all you need.  But if you’re doing the same old things, and it doesn’t seem like you are actually getting anywhere — things that used to excite you start to feel less interesting.  Instead of moving forward, you’re remaining stagnant, and these feelings can be frustrating. Author Julia Cameron’s directive is simple: Write three pages, longhand, without stopping every morning. If you don’t have anything to say, just put down “I don’t have anything to write.”  This is my most sustainable ritual — Morning Pages.


Morning Pages originated from author Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and it was originally designed to help artists break through their creative blocks and get back to creating.  The ritual practice requires that you put pen to paper every single morning and writing three full pages of stream-of-conscious thoughts — nothing edited or held back.  That’s it.  You just write three pages about anything, whatever pops in your head.



The power of the Morning Pages is that it doesn’t stop at creative pursuits.  Think of it as journaling rebranded.  This particular journaling technique is valuable for every aspect of life — friendships, relationships, marriage, parenting, daily stressors, work-life…etc.  So anyone can start writing Morning Pages to inject clarity, focus, and direction into their lives.  So don’t feel locked-out by the narrow constraints of what society defines as an “artist”.



There might be days that you don’t feel like writing.  Write anyway.  You might start writing and feel like you can’t fill out three pages, that it’s too hard —  but it really doesn’t matter what you write.  You could write down what dreams you had last night, your to-do list, grocery list, things you are currently worried about, what your planning to cook, the chores you don’t want to do, affirmations, short term goals, even how much writing these pages might be frustrating you.

What are Morning Pages


First things first, Morning Pages isn’t a cure-all and it won’t solve all of your problems.  But if you put in the effort, do your pages and put your open and honest thoughts down — you will find yourself unpacking your deepest thoughts and in time, you will be able to focus on what you really want.



1. Don’t let yourself get distracted

This time is for you and your three pages — nothing else.  So don’t compromise your you-time for someone else’s needs.  Even if three pages might seems absolutely daunting one particular day, don’t pick up your phone.  Stay focused, even if your brain is only letting you stream-of-conscious your to-do list.

2. Don’t share or read your morning pages

Don’t let ANYONE touch your journal, not even take a peek. You shouldn’t even read it yourself – not for at least a few months, anyway.  The reason for this is to help you be truly honest with yourself and what you write.  If you or someone else is reading your Morning Pages, you will wind up consciously or unconsciously self-editing your own thoughts.  If you are afraid that someone is going to read your pages, simply shred your pages after every writing session.

If you want to explore your past thoughts, put as much time between your writing and when you do read your pages.  Wait a few months or even a year, so you don’t connect any shame or assign any judgment to yourself.

3. Do it every day

Writing three pages on some mornings may inevitably seem like a tall order.  If you slept in, do your pages in the evening.  Consistency is key, but don’t punish yourself, be kind.



1. A writing utensil — pen or pencil.
2. A notebook, journal, or a pad of paper.
3. Time to complete three full pages (preferably first thing in the morning or right before bedtime).

Tips for doing Morning Pages


1. Make time and wake up earlier

You will need to carve out some time to write your three pages and that means waking up earlier.  It takes me about thirty minutes to complete my pages every morning.  If you’re not able to write in the morning, try writing at night before bed.  Either way, make time to write your pages daily.

2. Write Morning Pages before you check your phone

Don’t bombard yourself with news and updates from the outside world first thing in the morning — it will distract you, clog your brain up and take away your focus.  If you do your Morning Pages first, you will find that you are a lot more clearer and level headed.  You will also be able to process things a lot easier which will allow for a freeflow of stream-of-conscious thoughts.

3. Make it a comforting ritual, not just another thing to do

Make it something enjoyable and comforting so you will look forward to doing it every day.  Make a cup of tea, brew a cup of coffee, light a candle, burn some incense — whatever you decide to do, make it relaxing, comforting, and something that you can ease into with little to no stress.

What ritual has helped you in the past to get out of your rut?

Do you do Morning Pages?  What rituals have helped you in the past to get out of your rut?

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