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For me, reading is not just a way to learn; it's self-care and life changing!   I've successfully helped self-proclaimed "non-readers" start and maintain a reading habit and helped readers get out of reading slumps and have more intentional and fulfilling reading lives.

Let’s Change Your Life With Books!


Whether you've been a lifelong reader, haven't picked up a book since leaving school, only read for work, can't find a book you can get into, or think you don't have time to read - I can help you start and maintain a reading habit.

A Community for Aspiring & Avid Readers

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Discover your reader type and get the resources you need to start reading, maintain the habit, and get intentional.

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We host workshops and mini-trainings for aspiring and avid readers on a variety of topics to help you live your best reading and literary life yet! 


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The Epigraph Literary Festival introduces you to authors with upcoming books and hosts fun lifestyle sessions to educate and inspire. Plus, fun virtual brunch and happy hours to entertain!


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The Reader's Couch podcast is the show that will help you bridge the gap between living a full and busy life to one where you're reading, learning new things, and having fun!  


the reader's couch

“It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.”

S.I. Hayakawa

I'm Victoria, your new book bestie.

I live, eat, and breathe a literary lifestyle. I'm also a radiology professional, community builder, event organizer, podcaster, newsletter curator, self-care advocate, volunteer, and pizza-loving, cocktail-drinking individualist whose life revolves around my family.  

See that? I have A LOT going on, and I'm guessing you do too! So I want to help you bridge that gap between living a full and busy life to one where you're also carving out some YOU time, reading, learning new things, and having fun!


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The blog is where I share reading tips, lifestyle how-to's, book lists, reading guides, share conversations with authors, offer free mini-trainings, plus all the things I'm currently obsessed with and find inspiring.

Think Library of Congress, But Fun!

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The No-Show
by Beth O'Leary

Let's Slow Down and Take a Step Back

Good Rich People
by Eliza Jane Brazier

How To Make Time in Your Busy Schedule for Reading

Ep: 59 Victoria's Personal Top Ten Books of 2022

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Looking for the best books to read this winter?

The 2023 Winter Reading Guide has eighteen new releases organized across six categories.  There is also one extra category dedicated to the minimalist reader.  The Minimalist Reads List is for those readers who are only planning to pick up a few books this season.  You’ll also find some reading tips, fun things to do at home, along with some winter-themed recipes.