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How to Read More Books at Low to No Cost with Laura

Check out these tips for accessing discounted and free ebooks, audiobooks, and physical copies.

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The Reader's Couch podcast - How to Read More Books at Low to No Cost

How to Read More Books at Low to No Cost


From ebook and audiobook bundles, and discounted books from popular retailers, to library resources and platforms plus lots more.  Today on the couch I’m super excited to chat with Laura Yamin from the What to Read Next podcast and blog about how readers can read more books at low to no cost.  We talk about using library resources, getting different library cards, and utilizing different library platforms.   We share how to get super-discounted books from popular retailers like Barnes and Noble, Target, and Amazon.   We also talk about resellers like PangoBooks and eBay.  We also talk about how to get Kindle and audiobook bundles, sales to look out for,  plus more.  This episode is chock full of resources to help you get access to more books at low to no cost.  

How to Read More Books at Low to No Cost

Books on a Budget: How To Read More Books at Low to No Cost

Here are some of the key takeaways from this must-listen episode:

Libraries: A Reader’s Best Friend

The library remains one of the best resources for readers looking to save money. With the ability to reserve new releases and the removal of late fees by many systems, libraries offer a stress-free way to access physical books. Plus, digital services like Hoopla and access to other educational platforms through the library make it even easier to read more books at low to no cost.

Also, check out my article on 10 Reasons Why Libraries Are Important and What to Do When You’re Waiting on Your Library Books.

Secondhand and Online Retailers

For those who prefer to own their books, Laura and Victoria discuss the joys of thrifting for books at stores like Goodwill or utilizing online platforms such as Pango Books, eBay, and Half Price Books. They even share the exciting possibility of finding gems, like Victoria finding a William Faulkner box set, at the Dollar Tree!

Kindle Unlimited and Free E-Books

Kindle Unlimited emerges as a hero for e-book readers, offering a wide range of titles for a low monthly fee. Additionally, the episode highlights opportunities to ‘stuff your Kindle’ with free books from various promotional events, providing an affordable way to discover new authors and genres and read more books at low to no cost.

Audiobooks Without the High Cost

For audiobook lovers, the episode suggests using library services and highlights the NOLA Public Library for its exceptional audiobook collection. Listeners also learn about ‘stuff your earbuds’ days, which offer free audiobooks for a limited time.

Also check out A Beginner’s Guide to Audiobooks: How to Start Listening article.

Stay Informed and Save

Finally, the episode covers how to stay updated on the best book deals through newsletters like BookBub, Amazon’s Kindle deals, and Laura’s curated list of resources for low-cost reading opportunities.

Whether you’re someone who devours a book a day or a reader who prefers to savor each page, this episode has something for everyone. It’s a call to embrace the joy of reading without letting the cost hold you back. With these tips and resources, you can read more and spend less, all while supporting your favorite authors.

So don’t miss out on this enlightening episode of the Reader’s Couch podcast. Tune in for an exploration of the joyous world of reading more books at low to no cost, all in the company of fellow literature lovers. And remember, as Laura says, you can read quality books at any budget and there are plenty of resources available for free or at a low cost.

You can find Laura at the What to Read Next podcast and blog.

How do you enjoy more books on a budget

How do you find books at low to no cost? Are you an avid library patron? Do you search for deals with major retailers? Let’s talk all about how to read more books at low to no cost in the comments below.

Looking for more podcast episodes?  Tune in here.


The Reader's Couch podcast - How to Read More Books at Low to No Cost

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