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The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

We are helping you to sort out the best from the rest this fall reading season!

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Fall Reading Guide 2020

Have you started thinking about your fall reading plans?  Do you have your reading list ready yet?  It’s that time of year again!  Time to start planning your fall reading.  Whether you’re looking for a new mystery to solve, a romance to get lost in, or nonfiction to learn from, we’ve got you covered.  Our 2020 Fall Reading Guide has something for everyone.  So dive in and start picking out your next read!

About The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

The first annual BiblioLifestyle Fall Reading Guide is finally here, and I’m super excited for it to be out in the world!  Since childhood, fall has always been my favorite season.  I have fond memories of cozying up under a blanket with my book or sitting under my favorite apple tree reading in the cooler weather.

While there are still some uncertainties ahead, and you may not be sure what life will have in store this season, one thing is sure!  Some impressive books will be gracing shelves that are sure to entertain, distract, educate, and comfort us.

The 2020 Fall Reading Guide has twenty-six new releases and six classic novels.  All books are categorized so that you can head straight to your favorite section.  Because we’re all about lifestyle here, you’ll also find fun things to do at home, along with fall-themed recipes.  I’ve also included some tips to help you improve your reading life.


The BiblioLifestyle 2020 Fall Reading Guide

More About The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

Thousands of books will be gracing bookshelves this fall, and I haven’t read them all. Instead, I have selected my favorites from the books I have read.  I then organized them into categories.  I’ve also included publication dates so you’ll know what comes out when (although these dates may change).  Some of these titles have heavy themes, so if you need trigger warnings, please email me at hello[at]bibliolifestyle[dot]com, and I will do my best to advise you accordingly.

Some of these titles have heavy themes, so if you need trigger warnings, please email me at hello[at]bibliolifestyle[dot]com, and I will do my best to advise you accordingly.  I also recommend using The StoryGraph for trigger warnings as well.  

Above all, reading is a personal experience!  So I’ve included summaries to help you decide if that book sounds right for you based on your taste, interests, and current reading mood. 

If you like what we’ve put together in The Fall Reading Guide, please share the guide’s homepage on your favorite social media channels or directly with your favorite bookish friends.  Also, don’t forget to tag @bibliolifestyle and use the hashtag #bibliolifestyleFRG in your posts so we can also see what you’re reading.

I hope you’ll find plenty of books you love in this guide, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your favorites!

Books from The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

Historical Fiction Books from The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

2020 Fall Reading Guide - Historical Fiction

The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld

The lives of three women ― Sarah is accused of being a witch, Ruth is navigating life in the aftermath of World War II, Viv is still mourning the death of her father and is cataloging Ruth’s belongings ― weave together across centuries while highlighting the devastating indictment of violence against women. It is also an empowering portrait of their resilience throughout the ages.

Eli’s Promise by Ronald H. Balson

Spanning three eras―Nazi-occupied Poland, the American Zone of post-war Germany, and Chicago at the height of the Vietnam War ― we meet a “fixer” in a Polish town during WWII, his betrayal of a Jewish family, and the search for justice 25 years later. Balson explores the human cost of war, the mixed blessings of survival, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

A novel that traces a centuries-old curse to its source. It unveils the story of Maria Owens and her life which starts in the 1600s in England and her journey to Massachusetts where she is accused of witchcraft in Salem. She’s the matriarch of the line of Owens women and men featured in her previous novels Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic.

Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten

Before there was Catherine the Great, there was Catherine Alexeyevna: the first woman to rule Russia in her own right. Tsarina brings to life the intoxicating and dangerous world of Imperial Russia and shares the story of one remarkable woman whose bid for power would transform the Russian Empire.

Family & Friendship Books from The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

2020 Fall Reading Guide - Books about Friendship

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

A deeply moving portrait of a family of Ghanaian immigrants in Alabama ravaged by depression, addiction and grief. It’s also a novel about faith, science, religion, love.

His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie

A witty, smart, and moving novel about a brave young woman traversing the minefield of modern life with its taboos and injustices, while experiencing personal growth and ultimately choosing to persue one’sown destiny.

Fifty Words for Rain by Asha Lemmie

A novel about a mixed-race girl growing up in post WWII Japan after she is abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself in the unkind graces of a family built on tradition and power. Spanning decades and continents, it’s a story about the ties that bind, the ties that give you strength, and what it means to be free.

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

A poignant novel about a crime that never took place, a would-be bank robber who disappears into thin air, and eight extremely anxious strangers who find they have more in common than they ever imagined. It’s a story about the enduring power of friendship, forgiveness, hope, and the things that save us, even in the most anxious times.

2020 Fall Reading Guide - Books about Family

What Are You Going Through by Sigrid Nunez

A novel about human connection and the changing nature of relationships in our current times. It’s a story about empathy and the unusual ways one person can help another through hardship, the meaning of life and death, and the value of companionship.

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett by Annie Lyons

A moving and joyous novel about an elderly woman ready to embrace death and the little girl who reminds her what it means to live. It’s a story about friendship, life and death, plus it also asks big questions and digs deep into why people are who they become, the importance of living life to the fullest and not being held back by our past.

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

A novel about two families, strangers to each other, who are forced together on a long weekend gone terribly wrong. It’s a novel about the complexities of parenthood, race and class, how our closest bonds are reshaped — and unexpected new ones are forged— in moments of crisis.

Mysteries & Thriller Books from The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

2020 Fall Reading Guide - Mysteries and Thrillers

Don’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker

A story about a mother who seems to abandon her family during a dark and stormy night. An emotional, thought-provoking grief story that is also an action-packed, mind-bending, nail-biting, heart-pounding kidnapping story.

The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton

Set in the 17th century, a cursed East India merchant ship sets sail from Batavia for Amsterdam. Stalked by life-threatening storms and plagued with superstition, the body count aboard rises and chaos ensues. A detective duo seeks to solve this paranormal mystery on the high seas that revolves around a demon called “Old Tom.”

Dear Child by Romy Hausmann

Lena is held captive with her two children. Her routine is dictated by her captor and strict rules must be followed. But when Lena manages to break free nothing is quite as it seems and when the police start to help, things don’t quite match up. Twisty, dark, original and clever!

Goodnight Beautiful by Aimee Molloy

A newly married woman’s life is turned upside down when her husband goes missing. His disappearance is a low priority for the local police and she’s forced to turn detective to search for the husband she still loves despite his considerable flaws.

Little Threats by Emily Schultz

30-something Kennedy is released from prison 15 years after she pleaded guilty to the murder of her best friend. Though eager to start over, she quickly realizes that the baggage she carries is not easily discarded. As multiple characters search for the truth, Kennedy considers all the little threats that could have grown into something more sinister and discovers everyone is more than who they are on the surface, and nothing is ever exactly as it seems.

Romance Books from The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

2020 Fall Reading Guide - Romance Novels

A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore

Lucie is involved in the women’s suffragist movement and is a sassy, independent woman. She is constantly trying to stay one step ahead of Lord Ballentine, the man who has been propositioning her with an invite to his bedroom. But Lucie has her own plans and it just might lead to an enemies to lovers romance.

Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo

Azere promised her dying father she would marry a Nigerian man and preserve her culture, even after immigrating to Canada. But when another match- made-by-mom goes wrong, Azere ends up at a bar, enjoying the company and later sharing the bed of Rafael Castellano, a man who is tall, handsome, and white. When their one-night stand unexpectedly evolves into something serious, Azere is caught between her feelings for Rafael and the compulsive need to please her mother.

Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade

Plus-size geologist April spends her spare time cosplaying and writing fan fiction. When a photo of one of her cosplays goes viral, Marcus, the star of the show, asks her out on Twitter to save her from a slew of fat-shaming comments. But don’t be fooled by this meet-cute — April hardly needs saving and Marcus may look like an alpha, but he has a vulnerable core.

This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

Minnie and Quinn were born in the same hospital on January 1, 1990. Minnie has always felt jinxed and Quinn lucky. When they unexpectedly run into each other at a New Year’s party, she sees that fortune has continued to favor him. But if Quinn and Minnie are from different worlds, why do they keep bumping into each other? And why does each encounter leaves them both wanting more?

How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

Naya is a hard-working woman burned by her past relationship and now she is super focused on her career. But one night, she meets Jake, a charming stranger that presents the perfect opportunity to check off the items on her list. Soon she’s flirting with the chance at a more serious relationship but dating Jake might destroy her career.

Literary Fiction Books from The 2020 Fall Reading Guide

2020 Fall Reading Guide - Literary Fiction

Bestiary by K-Ming Chang

Filled with myth and allusion, three generations of women contend with the mythology of their Taiwanese heritage. The narrative is filled with detailed and poetic imagery as each character navigates their various relationships. Ultimately it’s a novel of migration, belonging, queer lineages, buried secrets and girlhood.

Earthlings by Sayaka Murata, Translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori

Earthlings chronicles the nightmarish discontent of Natsuki amid the deadening conformity of modern Japanese society. She resists being part of the “factory”—the system that will consign her to life as a wife and mother, a sex object and a good worker—and her desire to escape the Earth altogether persists.

A Lover’s Discourse by Xiaolu Guo

A Chinese woman moves from Beijing to London to start a new life. Isolated and lonely, she meets a landscape architect and the two begin to build a life together. A Lover’s Discourse is an exploration of romantic love told through fragments of the conversations between two lovers — playing with the language and cultural differences encountered as she settles into life in post-Brexit vote Britain.

Memorial by Bryan Washington

Two gay men of color — one Black, one Japanese— are trying to salvage their dysfunctional relationship while searching for the truth about themselves, each other, and their families. A novel that explores love, family, race, and the search for belonging and home.

Eartheater by Dolores Reyes, Translated by Julia Sanches

An unnamed narrator starts compulsively eating dirt in the wake of her mother’s violent death — which gives her visions of murdered and missing people. So when word of her ability begins to spread, desperate members of her community beg for her help. A novel that explores the stories of those left behind and how lives have been shaped by violence and loss.

What do you think about the books on this list?

Have you read any books from our fall reading guide 2020 list?  What are your favorite books from the 2020 fall reading guide?  Are any of these books on your TBR?  Let’s talk in the comments.

Fall Reading Guide - The BiblioLifestyle 2020 Fall Reading Guide

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