Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Reading Goals Into Your Other Personal Goals

Creating New Year’s resolutions is a tradition we have engaged in at some point or another in our lives. It’s when we decide to continue good practices, change undesired traits, aspire to achieve personal and or professional goals and overall we aim to improve aspects of our lives.

If reading is a part of your goals, or you’d like to introduce reading into your life, time might not be a luxury you can easily afford. We talk in detail about “How You Can Find Time To Read When You’re Extremely Busy” in a separate article, but today we want to focus on creative ways you can incorporate reading into your other personal goals.

We decided to tackle five of the most commonly set New Year’s resolutions to show you how reading books can help you achieve those goals or how you can incorporate reading into achieving your other personal goals.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons


This one is easier said than done. While I do consider books a need, not want, if you find yourself buying stacks of books each month – that’s an area where you can cut back spending. But you can still achieve your reading goal by becoming a regular patron at your local library. Don’t forget you can request books at your library in addition to placing holds on highly anticipated books. If you decide it’s one you need to own after reading your library book, keep an eye out for it at your friends of the library book sale or in your friendly neighborhood used bookshop. Think of finding this book at a bargain as a great big adventure.

You can also read tons of books about personal finance that can give you a lot more practical advice than we can, such as Broke Millennial, Your Money Or Your Life, The Latte Factor, Smart Women Finish Rich.


To achieve this goal, you have to get moving. So whether you have a gym membership or you’re taking walks around the block — opt to listen to an audiobook while you exercise.

I know there is a hot debate about whether listening to audiobooks can be considered reading.  Historically oral literary culture long preceded the actual book. While audiobooks cannot replace physical books, they provide a great alternative for people on the go and those wanting to give their eyes a rest.

Besides, gone are the days of listening to books on cassette or CD’s, now we can download them right on our smartphones. Audiobooks also draw A-list actors and actresses to the mic, undergoing huge productions, casts, soundscapes, and other technological advances!


What better way to learn something new and travel to a new place than by diving into a book?  After all, it is said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads only lives one.”


Spending more time with family can prove to be challenging because of schedules, distance, finances, and a host of other factors. The way reading can fix that is by fostering a reading culture within your family. If we are talking about the immediate family that lives at home with you, try carving out a one-hour window where the entire family sits and reads. You can all read different books, and for reluctant readers, you can try audio. At a once a week seated dinner, you can all talk about the books you’re reading. You can read the same book together and have a once-a-month call in to discuss it for an extended family member.


Numerous studies have proven that reading is a known stress reducer. It helps you to switch off, de-stress, and by distracting your brain with new information or someone else’s story – it will take your mind off your own troubles. It can be your “me time” thing and become something you consistently do for yourself.

Reading also provides additional benefits – increased concentration, creativity, and a more understanding and empathetic person.


I’m a huge advocate for quality over quantity, but if you’ve set a numerical goal of books to read, your biggest challenge might be finding the actual time to read. The easy and honest solution is always to have a book handy and read every free second. We also talk in detail about “How You Can Find Time To Read When You’re Extremely Busy” in a separate article, so that might be something you should read.


Readers, you’ll find that these solutions can be applied to a myriad of other personal goals and resolutions in your life. If Have you found creative ways to incorporate reading into achieving your other personal goals, or you’re trying something new? Please share with us in the comments or send us an email:

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