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The 2022 Reading Challenge

We hope you’re willing to take the challenge and go on this journey with us through the pages of books.

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The 2022 Reading Challenge Read Around The World

Are you ready for our 2022 Reading Challenge?

I think all bookworms can agree that books have the unique ability to transport us and allow us to escape to places and worlds different from our own.  By reading, we can travel around the world without having to pay for passage on a ship, plane, or train.  Reading books brings us so much more than just stories and fictional characters; it brings us experiences in ways nothing else can.

What is the 2022 Reading Challenge all about?

The challenge is a fun and unique way to help you set your reading goals this year.  We’ve created a challenge with a series of prompts that you can follow in chronological order or mix and match as you see fit.

The theme for The BiblioLifestyle 2022 Reading Challenge is — “Reading Around The World,” — and we hope you’re ready to go on this journey with us through the pages of books.  Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and challenge readers to read books set in the twelve regions we curated in our reading prompts.

The 2022 Reading Challenge has 12 prompts that will hopefully help you expand your reading, inspire your desire to read, or maybe even renew your interest in a book that has been sitting on your shelf for too long.

Do I have to complete all the reading challenge prompts?

I want you to view this challenge as aspirational.  Participants can choose one or all challenge prompts to work through in their own time.  Reading is a personal pursuit; what works for some readers doesn’t work for all.  Furthermore, I believe reading more books doesn’t mean you’re well-read.  So our focus here at BiblioLifestyle is always to encourage readers to focus on quality over quantity.

Readers can participate by reading one or more books set in each region from our prompts list and sharing their progress with us in the comments or via social media.  Are you up for the challenge?  Then, join us on this global reading journey! 

Are you new to reading challenges?

Find answers to popular questions about reading challenges and our most current and past reading challenges for adults here.

BiblioLifestyle 2022 Reading Challenge

The BiblioLifestyle 2022 Reading Around The World Challenge 

  1. A book set in the Caribbean 
  2. A book set in Central America 
  3. A book set in South America
  4. A book set in Africa 
  5. A book set in Eastern Europe 
  6. A book set in Western Europe 
  7. A set in the Middle East  
  8. A book set in East Asia  
  9. A book set in South Asia 
  10. A book set in Southeast Asia 
  11. A book set in Australia  
  12. A book set in the Arctic or Antarctica 

Do you have reading goals or plans for 2022?

Do you have any personal themes in mind?  Goals you’re hoping to achieve?  Do you have some books you’re looking forward to reading?  Please let us know in the comments!


BiblioLifestyle 2022 Reading Challenge

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