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How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Yourself at Home

Cozy reading nooks are great for curling up with a good book and decompressing after a hectic day.

How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Yourself at Home

A cozy reading space can be used for all sorts of activities, from curling up with a good book or taking some time to decompress after a hectic day.  So it’s important to have an area in your home where you can escape and relax.  It doesn’t matter if your space is big or small- what matters is that it makes you happy and relaxed when you’re in there.  Plus, it’s great to have one main spot where you can always go back to whenever you’re looking forward to having some reading time.  So here are five tips on how readers can create a cozy reading nook for themselves at home.

Decide what cozy reading spot works best for you in your home.

Your cozy reading spot can be an unused corner in your bedroom, living room, a spot near or under your staircase, or even a spot in a hallway. Before deciding on the spot for your reading nook, sit in it and assess how you feel in the space. Will it be quiet, are you cramped, will you be interrupted here a lot, can you make it cozy and comfortable?

Find the right chair for your reading nook.

When selecting a chair, you should prioritize comfort over everything else. As for style, find a chair that’s similar to your existing home decor and the furnishings in that area. You can also shop your home and consider using an existing chair. If you have a favorite chair that’s aged or you just don’t like the look anymore, you can also consider reupholstering.

Alternatives to chairs include but are not limited to recliners, chaise lounge, sofa, bean bag, or even a hammock.

Consider lighting options for your reading nook.

A reading nook with natural light is best in an ideal world, but the proper lighting can create the cozy feel your reading nook needs. When selecting lighting options, you should prioritize dimmable lights and lights with settings so you can adjust your light depending on the time of day and your needs.

Create a space for books to live in your reading nook.

There are several options for book storage that you can use in your reading nook. You can go traditional and use a bookcase. Alternatively, you could also stack crates, opt for vertical storage options mounted to the wall, a table, or even stacking them on your floor!

A side table can also work as a place where you can stack books below and have space on top to place your beverage and snacks.

Decorate your reading nook to fit your personality.

Cozy blankets, soft pillows, or throw pillows are great staple options for decorating. When selecting throw pillows for your cozy reading nook, it is best to pick ones with textures like velvet, faux fur, suede, etc., because these materials will produce an overall “cozy” effect in your space. Likewise, selecting cushions with exciting patterns is excellent as they stand out against the solid color of your other decor items within your space.

Don’t forget to step back and assess as you start adding things to your space. If anything else would make this space even cozier, add it, and subtract it if it’s too much.

And, of course, the extras.

This includes but is not limited to plush rugs, candles, plants, pictures, figures, or anything sentimental.


Whether it’s a dedicated spot or blankets and pillows on the couch or in the corner of your bedroom, there are so many different ways to have a cozy reading spot that is perfect for YOU!

When you’re satisfied with the cozy reading nook that you have created or updated, please take a picture, share it on social media, tag @bibliolifestyle, and mention this blog post so other readers can create their own cozy space at home too!

Do you have a cozy reading nook?  Are you planning on creating one?

What do you love about your reading nook?  Share your tips, tricks, and inspiration for your very own reading nook in the comments.

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  1. Tonya Sanders says:

    Such great tips! I’m hoping to create a book nook one day!! ???? I love the ideas about the pillows with textures and throws and blankets!! Such great info????

  2. […] declutter them, and organize them.  We’ll also cover downsizing, decluttering, and organizing the space in your home where you keep your books so that it becomes a pleasant place for you to read or browse through when looking for a new book […]

  3. Julie says:

    We are having a sun porch added off our bedroom with built-in bookshelves – perfect reading spot, I can’t wait!

  4. Jessica Berg says:

    I do have a cozy reading nook off of my bedroom that has book carts, book shelves and a chaise lounge with cozy blankets.

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