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Finding Time To Read During The Busy Holiday Season

With a few easy tips and tricks, carve out some quality reading time in your busy schedule.

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How To Read During The Busy Holiday Season

Finding Time To Read During The Busy Holiday Season


Ever feel like you’re in the midst of a whirlwind during the holiday season, barely finding time to breathe, let alone read?   This episode is about carving out quality time to enjoy your favorite books during the holiday hustle and bustle.  While it may seem impossible, with a little bit of planning and prioritization, it’s achievable.  So, let me share some practical tips that have helped me maintain my reading habit amidst the holiday chaos.


Finding Time To Read During The Busy Holiday Season

Navigating the Festive Frenzy: Keeping Your Reading Habits Alive During the Holidays

Are you a book lover wondering how to squeeze reading time amidst the bustling holiday season?  Fear not!  In this episode, I share some strategies to keep your reading habits alive even during the most hectic time of the year and how to transform the holiday hustle into a literary bliss.  From sharing how to treat your reading time as a non-negotiable appointment to how I’ve made a fort in my closet when things start feeling too much, I hope these tips will help you navigate the happiest but busiest time of the year.

How To Find Time To Read During The Busy Holiday Season

Prioritize your reading

Find time to read by settting aside some dedicated time each day where you can indulge in your favorite book.

Create a reading-friendly environment

Choose a quiet spot in your house, make it cozy, and get lost in the pages of your book. This will not only help you find time to read, but it also gives you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Take advantage of travel time

If you’re traveling during the holiday season, whether it’s by car, train, or plane, use this time to catch up on your reading.

Make use of audiobooks

If you find yourself constantly on the go during the holiday season, consider listening to audiobooks as a way to find time to read.

Set realistic expectations

It’s okay if you don’t get as much reading done as you would like.  Set realistic expectations, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Don’t be afraid to say no

It’s okay to decline invitations or skip certain events if you need some time for yourself.

Finding time to read during the busy holiday season may seem challenging, but with some prioritizing, planning, and flexibility, it can be done.  Remember to enjoy your reading time, and don’t let the chaos of the holidays take away from your love for books.  Happy reading!


How To Read During The Busy Holiday Season

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