Journaling Books & Notebooks To Spark Your Journaling Practice

Journaling books and notebooks will help to keep your practice fresh, inspiring, and interesting.

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Journaling Books, Journaling Notebooks

Journaling is a practice that can offer immense benefits to one’s well-being.  First, it’s a safe space to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and experiences which can serve as an amazing outlet.  But, like any other practice, it can quickly become monotonous without new ideas and prompts to keep your writing fresh.  So enter journaling books with prompts and journaling notebooks.  There are so many options available that cater to all kinds of journaling goals and methods.  So in this article, I’m sharing some of the best journaling books that I’ve personally used and loved and journaling notebooks that are staples in my practice.  My hope is that they will help keep your journaling practice interesting and inspiring!

Journaling Books

Reading Journals

Bibliophile Reader's Journal

Bibliophile Reader’s Journal

The Bibliophile Reader’s Journal features captivating artwork by bestselling author and illustrator Jane Mount and offers a delightful way to keep track of your reading journey. With prompts to rate and take notes on each book, as well as themed recommendations to expand your reading list, it’s a charming and practical tool for recording your reading progress and reflecting on each completed book.

Buy Bibliophile Reader’s Journal on Amazon.

Reading Journal - For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books

This reading journal book is designed with a daily reading tracker, literary bucket list, genre checklist, book review section, and more. It also features a premium linen-wrapped cover, gold foil design, and modern interior, and this journal is both stylish and functional. Record your favorite quotes, review notes, and check off your reading checklist in this timeless journal. Display it proudly on your coffee table and enhance your reading journey.

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Book Club - A Journal

Book Club: A Journal

This brightly designed journaling book offers space for writing, a reading list, and fun icebreakers. You’ll also find space to catalog discussions, record personal thoughts, note what you ate and drank, and try fun activities. Plus you can discover compelling books to read together, all in this journal.

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Daily Journal

Mindfulness Journal

Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You - A Mindfulness Journal

Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You

This daily mindfulness journal is also a guide filled with valuable advice and reflective prompts that will help you find meaning and appreciate your experiences. This journal offers insights to helped enhance your presence and awareness. There is also space to record a year’s worth of intentions and reflections to find your center.

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Creative Journal

The Possibility Project - A Guided Journal for Creating What's Possible

The Possibility Project

The Possibility Project journal helps you discover your values and create what’s possible through productivity, creativity, movement, and purpose. It’s about focusing on what already works in your life, setting actionable goals, and holding yourself accountable. This journal guides you to a purposeful point, helping you unleash your true potential.

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Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal - Five Minutes a Day for More Happiness, Optimism, Affirmation & Reflection

The Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal offers a daily practice to cultivate optimism, positivity, and a more positive outlook on life. This journal is also designed by just writing a few minutes a day. With a luxurious hardcover, strong bindings, and thoughtful layout, it also makes for the perfect gift.

Buy The Gratitude Journal on Amazon.

Joyful Journal

The 3-Minute Journal of Joy

The 3-Minute Journal of Joy

Celebrate and cultivate joy by journaling for just three minutes a day. “The 3-Minute Journal of Joy” provides prompts to record moments of blessing, spread joy, and develop an attitude of joy that lasts for years. So you can start anytime, and there is no pressure if you miss a day.

Buy The 3-Minute Journal of Joy on Amazon.

Bullet Journal

Scribble & Dot Bullet Dotted Journal

Scribble & Dot® Bullet Dotted Journal

This is a durable bullet-dotted hardcover journal that offers extra features such as a reinforced rear pocket, dual page markers, and an elastic belly band. It also has a lay-flat binding and 160GSM top-grade paper, so it’s perfect for various purposes like bullet planning, travel journaling, collaging, and more. Plus, each journal is bound by hand and comes gift-wrapped in an elegant black box, making it extra special and perfect as a gift.

This is my everyday and everything journal, and it holds up great with my watercolor painting, collaging, and so much more!

Buy the Scribble & Dot® Bullet Dotted Journal on Amazon.

Journaling Notebooks

After years of purchasing journaling notebooks, never completing them, and then wanting to buy and start a new journal each season, I decided to create a seasonally designed notebook so I could have a new notebook for journaling without breaking the bank.

From keeping track of the books you’re reading to shopping lists, to-do lists, notes, or more!  The seasonally themed notebook is a 118-page spiral notebook with ruled line paper that perfectly accompanies everyday life.

Fall Notebook

The Fall Reading Vibes Notebook

– Spiral Notebook
– Unique fall-themed cover design
– Front cover design only
– Dark grey back cover 
– 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)

Buy The Fall Reading Vibes Notebook on The Shop.

Winter Notebook

The Winter Reading Vibes Notebook

– Spiral Notebook
– Unique winter-themed cover design
– Front cover design only
– Dark grey back cover 
– 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets)

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My Recommended Starter Journaling Supplies


Keeping a regular journaling practice takes effort, but incorporating a journaling book or notebook can help keep it interesting, inspiring, and fun.  These journaling books and notebooks offer something for everyone, whether it’s a fun and irreverent mindfulness practice, prompts for developing creativity, or writing prompts for deep self-discovery.  So, if you’re looking to keep your journaling practice fresh, give one of these books or notebooks a try.  You never know where they might take you!

What is your relationship with journaling?

Are you currently journaling?  Are you planning to start a journal or journaling habit?  Let us talk about it in the comments below!


Inspiring & Fun Journaling Books & Notebooks

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