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25 Short Books You Can Read in a Day

If you're not in the mood to tackle those mammoth-sized books on your shelves, here is a curated list of 25 short books you can read in a day.


SHORT and sweet

Amazing Audiobooks to Listen

If you’re looking for the best audiobooks to keep you entertained, look no further.

15 Amazing Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now


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How Audiobooks Can Help You Read More

Are you looking for a way to read more books? Audiobooks might be the answer for you!

How Audiobooks Can Help You Read More: A Beginner’s Guide to Start Listening

Reading Tips

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How to Stop Being a Prisoner to What's Hot and Start Reading What You Love

It can be tough to break away from reading what everyone else is reading, but it’s definitely worth it.

How to Stop Being a Prisoner to What’s Hot and Start Reading What You Love

Reading Tips

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New Books Calendar - April 2022

Take this opportunity to get those pre-orders and library holds in.

New Books Calendar: April 2022

New Books Calendar

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Author Sophie Sullivan - How To Love Your Neighbor

Sophie Sullivan is a Canadian cookie-eating, Diet Pepsi-drinking, Disney enthusiast.

MEET: Sophie Sullivan

Author Features

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Books About and Inspired by Greek Mythology

From tales of romance to epic battles, here are some great books inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

25 Books About and Inspired by Greek Mythology

Folklore and Mythology

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Author Rebekah Iliff - Champagne for One A Celebration of Solitude

Rebekah Iliff is a writer and entrepreneur based in Nashville, Tennessee.

MEET: Rebekah Iliff

Author Features

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The 2022 Spring Reading Guide Minimalist Reads List

Our Minimalist Reads list has six standout books we highly recommend you read this Spring!

The 2022 Spring Minimalist Reads List

Reading Guides, Spring Reading

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Book Collecting for Beginners: Tips to Get You Started

Learn the basics of book collecting, from finding books to buying them and taking care of them.

Book Collecting for Beginners: Practical Tips to Get You Started


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Okay, maybe it's not better than free ice cream, but getting a guide with the best new books to read, plus tips and recipes, is pretty close!  

The BiblioLifestyle 2022 Spring Reading Guide

Better than Free
Ice Cream!