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3 Must-Read Jane Austen Books: Where to Start

We’ve picked out three must-read books by the author and tell you where to start.

The 3 Must-Read Books by Jane Austen

There are few authors as celebrated as Jane Austen.  Her novels have been read and enjoyed by millions of people for centuries.  So if you’re looking to start reading her books, where should you begin?  In this article, we will recommend three must-read books by Jane Austen and help you decide where to start reading!



About Jane Austen

Who is Jane Austen?

Jane Austen was an English novelist best known for her six major novels.  Her works of romantic fiction set among the British gentry at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century has been widely adapted into plays and movies. As a result, her novels are often considered timeless classics that capture the essence of human nature.

Why is Jane Austen so popular?

Jane Austen’s novels have been widely read and enjoyed by generations of readers.  Her stories are filled with wit, charm, romance, and drama that can captivate any reader. In addition, she is known for her strong female characters who defy the expectations of their time in search of true love and happiness.  Jane Austen is also credited for creating one of the first works of fiction to feature realistic characters and believable stories.

What is Jane Austen best known for?

Jane Austen is best known for her six major novels: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion.  These novels are considered some of English literature’s most significant works of fiction.  They have been adapted into plays, films, and even television series.  While each of Austen’s novels has its own unique plot, they all share the same themes: love, marriage, adventure, and the pursuit of happiness.


Jane Austen Books

What are Jane Austen’s six novels?

Jane Austen wrote six novels in her lifetime: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion.  All of these books are beloved by readers the world over for their wit and romance.

Jane Austen books in order of publication are:

  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Mansfield Park
  • Emma
  • Northanger Abbey
  • Persuasion

What is Jane Austen best selling novel?

Jane Austen’s most popular novel is Pride and Prejudice, which has been adapted into numerous movies, television shows, and plays.  The book follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet as she navigates society’s expectations for marriage in 19th-century England.

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What reading level is Jane Austen?

The reading level of Jane Austen’s novels is suitable for young adults and adults and for readers ages 13 and up.  Her stories often feature themes of love, courtship, family dynamics, and social class that readers of all ages can enjoy.

What is the best Jane Austen book to start with?

The best Jane Austen book to start with is Pride and Prejudice.  It’s a classic romantic comedy that follows Elizabeth Bennet as she navigates the world of marriage in 19th-century England.  The novel has been adapted into numerous films, television series, and plays and is sure to captivate any reader!

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3 Must-Read Books by Jane Austen

Now that you know more about Jane Austen, let’s dive into our list of her must-read books, plus a notable mention.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The best Jane Austen book for you to start with is Pride and Prejudice. This is one of Austen’s most famous novels, which readers have loved for centuries. Pride and Prejudice follows Elizabeth Bennet, one of five sisters who must marry wealthy men in order to secure their future.  Elizabeth is determined not to marry for money but to find a man she truly loves.  However, when she meets the wealthy Mr. Darcy, she finds herself challenged on this front.  Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel about love, family, and society and is widely considered one of Austen’s best works.


Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

If you’re interested in reading a Jane Austen novel with a bit of mystery and suspense, we recommend Northanger Abbey.  This book follows Catherine Morland as she becomes caught up in the world of gothic novels and starts to see mysteries everywhere she looks.  If you’re looking for a Jane Austen novel that’s a little bit different from her other works, Northanger Abbey is a great choice.


Emma by Jane Austen

Emma by Jane Austen

Finally, we have Emma.  The novel follows the titular character, Emma Woodhouse, as she meddles in the love lives of those around her.  Emma is determined to play matchmaker, but her well-intentioned interference often results disastrously.  Emma is a funny and lighthearted read that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.



Sandition Jane Austen

Sandition Jane Austen

A notable Jane Austen mention is her novel Sandition which was unfinished at the time of her death.  The story is about Charlotte Heywood, a young woman from a small village who moves to the seaside town of Sanditon.  There, she meets a cast of colorful characters and soon becomes caught up in the dramas of village life.  Although incomplete, Sandition is a charming read that gives us a glimpse into what Austen’s final novel might have been.


So there you have it: our three must-read books by Jane Austen plus a notable mention.  Whether you’re looking for romance, mystery, or comedy, Austen has a novel that will suit your taste.  So pick up one of these classics today and start your journey into the world of Jane Austen!

What do you think about the Jane Austen books on this list?

Have you read any Jane Austen books?  Do you have a favorite Jane Austen book?  If not, which one do you plan on starting with?  Let us know in the comments below!

Jane Austen books

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