The 2021 Reading Challenge

Whether you’re a voracious reader and you read close to one hundred books a year, or you’re struggling to read one book per month, or you haven’t read in years and you want to start reading again — The 2021 Reading Challenge is a surefire way to get started, get more out of your reading life, and actually enjoy what you’re reading.

Reading is a personal pursuit and what works for some readers doesn’t work for all.  At BiblioLifestyle HQ we believe reading more books doesn’t mean you’re well-read.  So our focus is always on encouraging readers to focus on quality over quantity.

The theme for The BiblioLifestyle 2021 Reading Challenge is — “Reading for Comfort and Connection” — and we hope our carefully selected reading prompts will help you do just that.

Do you have reading goals or plans for 2021?

What books are on your 2021 TBR?  Do you have any personal themes in mind?  Please let us know in comments!

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  • Mariana

    I’m a mom of 3 kids and life is busy so this years my main goal is to read a minimum of 2 book a month.

  • Mika ( TheReadingRoom444)

    This year, I plan to read 70 books. From those books, I will choose novels that will have an academic foundation that will support my ability to enhance my community and foster the love of reading.

  • Christine Powell

    I am really going to use this as motivation to be more intentional about my reading thank you.


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