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The 2024 Fall Reading Challenge for Adults

As the weather cools down, recharge your reading energy with these fun prompts!

Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by BiblioLifestyle

The 2024 Fall Reading Challenge

Our annual, free, downloadable PDF Fall Reading Guide has been a smashing success over the past three years.  So, after receiving numerous requests, we are happy to host The 2024 Fall Reading Challenge!

What is the 2024 Fall Reading Challenge?

The 2024 Fall Reading Challenge is designed to help adults challenge themselves and get the most out of their fall reading!  The theme for this year is “Read and Recharge This Fall.”  As the weather cools down, we want to help you recharge your reading energy with prompts that will challenge you to explore new genres, authors, and stories.

The fall reading challenge has three prompts.  So you can follow in chronological order or mix and match as you see fit.  The goal is to read three books this fall, one for each prompt.  Plus you should also read them during the three fall months of September, October, and November.

How does the Fall Reading Challenge work?

Participants are encouraged to read three books over the fall period (September, October, and November) and read one book for each prompt.  Once a book has been read, participants are encouraged to share their reading experience on social media using the hashtag  #BiblioLifestyleChallenge or download and share our reading challenge graphic!

2024 Fall Reading Challenge from BiblioLifestyle

What are the fall reading challenge prompts?

The three prompts for our 2024 Fall Reading Challenge are:

  1. A Classic Novel You’ve Always Wanted to Read
  2. A Book From a Genre You’ve Never Explored Before
  3. A Book That Explores Themes of Change and Transformation

How many books do you read for the Fall Reading Challenge?

We are reading three books.  But if you’re a voracious reader looking for more of a challenge, you can read two or three books from each prompt for a total of 6 or 9 books.

If you’re looking for even more books, you can check out some books from our past reading guides or curated fall reading lists.

How do you start reading in the fall?

It’s easy!  Join us for the Fall Reading Challenge, prepare your reading list, and schedule some time to read.  There is no right or wrong way to participate in the fall challenge – just read one book for each prompt and have fun with it!

If you are new to reading in the fall or just starting a reading habit, I recommend getting started by taking our What’s Your Reader Type?  Quiz.  This quiz will help you get clear on where you are right now in your reading journey and, based on your reader type, provide you with the resources you need to start reading, maintain the habit, and get intentional.

By taking the quiz, you will learn more about joining like-minded readers on our BiblioLifestyle online community and getting more tips and recommendations.


Join the BiblioLifestyle Community & the Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Club for a fun, online book club experience!  Come and share books you’ve read, get inspiration for what to read next, make friends, and encourage each other along the way.

Interested in participating in our additional reading challenges?

The 2024 Reading Challenge

The theme is “Reading for Change,” and we hope to encourage readers to explore books that challenge their perspectives and open their minds to new ideas.

The 2024 Summer Reading Challenge for Adults

The theme is “Read and Relax This Summer.” We want to help you make the most of your summer reading by providing prompts that will allow you to escape, unwind, and discover new stories.

Do you have fall reading goals or plans for 2024?

What goals you’re hoping to achieve?  Do you have some books you’re looking forward to reading?  Please let us know in the comments!


2024 Fall Reading Challenge from BiblioLifestyle

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